October 2023: BSides PDXThe Importance of Engineering Privacy From the Get Go


June 2023: Cyberjutsu Day 2023 “Cloud Vendor Risk Management For Beginners”
August 2023: BSides Las VegasThe Importance of Engineering Privacy From the Get Go
August 2023: Diana Initiative 2023Take the Stage, Take Up Space, Take The Win

May 18th, 2023:
Day of Shecurity Virtual Conference “Cloud Vendor Risk Management For Beginners”

May 16th, 2023:
Okta DevDays23 in New York City “Engineering Privacy and User Identity Protection from the Get Go”

March 7, 2023
Odd Salon JACKPOT “Auspicious Wagers: The Rich Relationship Between Gambling and Chinese Interior Design”


Diana Initiative  “Vendor Risk Management for Beginners”


Odd Salon Giving Tuesday “Trees That Are Old AF – Bristlecone Pines”


Exploratorium x Odd Salon DECAY “The Tragic Death And Hopeful Legacy Of The World’s Oldest Tree”

Absolute Appsec  Ep. #95 – Jessica Rozhin & Lady Christina Liu

Odd Salon FEARLESS “Never Rest Until Everest”


Odd Salon ABANDONEDTa Keo, Angkor’s Foresaken Temple


Odd Salon DAREDEVIL “Leading a Horse to Water and Making it Dive”

Odd Salon IMPOSTER “The Real Life Hua Mulan”

Odd Salon MUTINY “Egg Nog: Fight For Your Riot To Party”


Hackcon III “Diversity Through Empathy”